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Your portfolio is diversified.  You hope your risk is under control.  But do you know how much income you really can take each year and not run out?

Decades ago, retirement was fairly predictable: Social Security and a pension provided much of your income, you moved to the Sun Belt, played tennis or golf, and you lived to age 70 or 75.  Those days are gone; today's retirees must now assume greater degrees of financial self-reliance.

There is no private-pension safety net today.  At one time when Social Security was paired with a pension from a lifelong employer, a retiree could potentially enjoy a middle-class lifestyle.  In 2016, the highest possible montly benefit for someone retiring at Social Security's full retirement age is $2,787, or $33,453 a year.  That surely won't afford you the same lifestyle you had when you were working.  The cold hard truth is that we must supplement Social Security with other income streams of sources if we want to maintain or standard of living.






Nothing causes more stress in retirement than worrying about whether or not your money will last.  You can see the nest egg, but is it enough?  Can we go on vacation?  Pay for our grandson's college?  Keep our club membership?  Why spend your golden years worrying about rationing your hard earned money when you can eliminate all the worry with an intelligent plan.  Our private pension design will give you the confidence that your money will last no matter what life throws at you.  So go ahead and live deserve it!

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When we meet our clients for the first time, one of the questions we eventually get to is "At this stage in your life are you more inclined to have a retirement plan that is a "maybe" plan or one that is a "sure thing"?"  Invariably our clients say "Well, of course, a "sure thing".  But that's not how most financial firms address the issue.  They instead talk about rates of return and withdrawal rates as if they can predict the future.  Well, they can't.
Your wealth needs more than "hope" and "maybe".  It needs to be guaranteed.

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